Mineola Eyecare


Surgery co-management & in-house testing

Dr. Hawari and our office have been at the forefront of therapeutic optometry as permitted by state legislation.

This is great for patients because co-management allows patients to stay close to home for pre- and post-op visits such as those for LASIK and cataracts surgery and for management of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy as well as many others.

Read more about the optometric aspect of our practice here or the optical side here.

To provide the best patient care possible, we offer a host of in-house testing ranging from the cutting-edge Diopsys to the triedand-true OCT.

At Mineola we always want to offer our patients the best care possible and LASIK is a popular, increasingly common way to free people from corrective lenses, e.g., contacts and glasses. The most  natural vision comes without putting a lens over the eye. That is why LASIK doesn't. Instead it changes the shape of the eye to focus light where it should be thereby correcting refractive error. Call us in Mineola at (903) 569-5432 or Canton at (903) 287-6317 to make an appointment for a screening and ask Dr. Hawari about LASIK. 



I recently had a patient who did the iVue Screening and due to a small defect we did the full test and caught his early stages of glaucoma 8-10 years earlier than we could even 5 years ago.
— Dr. Hawari

With the complete offering of retina, optic disc, RNFL & GCC, and anterior segment scanning as standard, iVue is the perfect advanced, yet easy-to-use OCT for clinical practices. The streamlined user interface, small foot print, and familiar slit lamp style delivery design all contribute to fast and efficient use and patient throughput.